Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fun Blog Hop with 4 friends

My friend Helen invited me couple weeks ago to participate in this fun Blog Hop.
I know Helen almost as long as I am involved in scrapbooking. She is a very nice, talented and well organized person. I regret we did not know each other when I was in SA. We were / are on several team together and we really like to cooperate. Trust and respect are a great base for an internet friendship!
I hope to visit her one day.
Blog Hop
I think it's a fun idea but I was trying to keep my thoughts short so you don't get bored!

1.  What are you working on right now?

I like to work in advance and designing for several producers means for me to be on time - always.
I like to take time when creating a page so I look at photos, play with papers before I even start anything. Having my projects ready weeks or even months before gives me a chance not to rush,take good photos and make my post ready . I have already some projects for August finished, right now I am working on 3 projects for 13 arts for August and September,  September's projects for Scrap 365  and  SATW, 3 cards for Magenta and 2 projects for Canvas Corp for July - August.

I also like to paint chairs, tables and desks and have several projects  started.

2.  When and how did you start papercrafting?

Several yer ago I was busy with Christmas cards with my children and while looking for some new things I saw a place in the internet shop "scrapbooking", it's when it's all started...
I was buying so many things without knowing what is my style, what I like and what I really want.
No I am VERY picky :)
3.  What do you like to make an how does your creative process work?

Anytime you would visit me in my studio you will see several projects started in different stages of the creative process.Pages, Canvases, cards, furniture..
I really like to work on the backgrounds so there are pages with gesso/mists/stencils work, chipboards painted with gesso, all of them have photos near by because ALWAYS my process starts from a single photo. 
Sometimes I teach in my LSS and when I see instruction about making couple pages and using 15 photos I feel strange...Why would I want to use 6 photos on 1 page? I still keep photos in albums so I use only special photos on my pages, the ones I really like /well, some of them, I like too many :)/
4.  How do I stay inspired?

Children, traveling, photos, children, traveling, photos...

5.  Where do you work on your projects?

I am very lucky to have my own mini studio where I can keep my stuff and create. I have plenty of space for papers - you can see it on my photo above. Every company I design for have a special place for papers and more, I keep it all separated.
Right now I started a process of reduction and will create several kits for classes and also for sale.

I don't sit when I create so I find this space on the countertop, next to the sink. I try to keep there only basic stuff /" I wish" sounds better then" I try", well, looks like the basic for me it's more then a basic /.
At least I keep there only 1 project at the time, rotation is constatnt.

The rules of the hop

It's time for me to "tag" my 3 friends.

I have so many talented friends but I have to admit there is only one I love to ...scrap with :)
We had some all day scrapping sessions and I loved every minute of it.
We had some similar dreams and by now she is very successful with her company - 13 arts and I support her as much I can.
I don't have to tell you she is very talented and has a huge heart - you must to know AIDA!

I have a new friend for some time already and I had so much fun with her working on Inkido team, she is sweet and talented, I wish all her dreams to come true and I do believe we will see each other , maybe in Brazil? :)
Please visit HERA

There is a person who adds magic while making cards. I admire her work for a long time , what a sweet and humble person she is!
Please visit SABRINA!

Thank you again Helen!


  1. Awesome to get to know your creative side a bit better. Love your studio.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. I loved reading this! Yes I am now so picky too so great thing we are on the reduction process!! And yes double pages are a big no no for me too - I also am happy with just one photo & one page!!!

  3. Wonderful post, my friend! There is always something new about you that I just knew :-) Thank you for mentioning me, sincerely appreciate that. Thank you for the friendship in this blog land, and thank you for everything.

    Enjoy your day today!


  4. I Love this blog hop! It's so nice to see and to know more about our virtual friends! Thanks so much for sharing with us... love it! And I'm waiting for you here in Brazil, you and yours!!!

  5. I am so envious of all your space Agnieszka! Your studio is perfect!!
    I loved spending time with you on Inkido and you are a very inspiring DT leader!!
    Nice idea for a hop! :-) I hope you enjoy your summer.


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