Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Cooking in my family is a matter of art. I came from a family

 where woman and man were cooking, the houses were warm

 kitchens full of stuff and there was always something nice in the

 fridge and pantry.

A big dinning table at my grandparents, smell of the best

 cucumber soup in the world, all salads and fantastic cakes my

 Granny and Mom made, żurek made by my uncle for Easter,

 barszcz and uszka for Christmas, the list is long.

While living in SA I started my cooking club with friends from all

 over the world and it's why sushi, Mexican food and Zaporosky

 Honey Cake it's a part of the new influence I am adding to my

 family tradition.

You may guess what's the next step is - to show how "to do it" and

 get my kids interested in cooking. Based by our meal last Sunday

 I think we all are on the right track .

Spaghetti squash is a dish we had a chance to try and we love it. If

 you want to make a bigger portion - just add pasta.

We like to make sushi on Sunday and we make sure we make a big

portion, we all just love it!

All elements from Misc Me are so easy to use you don't have to

 spend much time on creating with it. All the effort can be put


In the special Misc Me pocket I keep photos of the dishes /here

 couple of deserts/ I will work on next, would you like to visit me

 later on and get the recipe?

Bo Bunny Supplies:

Patterned Paper:  Bundle, Expecting, Gift of Love, Miracle,

  /Baby Bump

Stickers: Baby Bump Combo Sticker

Noteworthy Baby Bump

Washi Tape: Baby Bump

Misc Me 8 x 9 Binder: New Misc Me Baby Bump 8 x 9 Binder

Misc Me 8 x 9 Page Protectors:  Variety Pack

New Misc Me 8 x 9 Recipe Page Protector Pack

New Misc Me Bump Journal Dividers

New Misc Me Baby Bump Notepaper

New Misc Me Baby Bump Envelopes

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