Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nala, work in progress

I never had a cat before so when one cute kitty came to my house last year I was happy but had no idea how to raise her :).
Well, she is great and we had fun together, she loves to be with me when I create.
I like to work in advance and designing for several producers takes time but over and over I have the same problem...

Every time I want to take a photo of my project to get ready with my post....

...she is there...

I don't know why she likes these pages so much....

Well, I hope she likes it...

She is very careful. 

Maybe she likes the looks?

Maybe all media have a nice smell?

She never done anything wrong with my projects.

No scratching.
But every now and again she ...sleeps on my projects...
Nala, thank you for your company!


  1. Aww Nala is super cute!! I know how much we love kitty is always with me, too and she loves scrapbooking, lol, specially the Prima flowers....she's always trying to open the packages. I'm impressed that Nala stays with her clothes. Agne, I think ...she loves your pages and wants to help you ;) xo

  2. love this!! your photos of Nala checking out your projects are so cute! Marley and Chester both sometimes have a nap on my pages on my worktable too, and love to play with small things like flowers and bits of ribbon and lace.Wonder if they like the smells? I use the baby powder paste so I know it smells nice! :)

  3. Miałam kotkę o tym samym imieniu! co za zbieg okoliczności :) pozdrawiam i dziękuję za wizytę :)


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