Sunday, April 8, 2012

#Scrap FX and my very first LO with beautiful chipboard

This is my first post for Scrap FX and I’ve decided to focus on those of you who are beginners when it comes to using chipboard products. I constantly get emails asking what products I like to buy, where I prefer to buy them and what are some easy ways to alter chipboard.
Today, I would like to convince you to try something new. 

Purchase some Scrap FX chipboard and start experimenting.

For this layout I used just one chipboard, Cherish Plaque /Model: 2012010.
I applied white gesso, some acrylic paint and when my chipboard dried, Gloss from Schjerning. I wanted an aged, vintage look and I think I achieved just that.

If you’re not sure what to buy or what to use for the first time around, stick to chipboard designs that match your current style and try simple technics like painting, inking (where you use pens or water colors to change the color of a piece) or embossing (where you use special stamp ink to get powder to adhere to your chipboard and use a heating gun to get the powder to form a hard shell over the piece).
The best part about painting is that you don’t have to be nervous you will destroy the piece since you can always apply another color or layer and change the final look.
Thanks for joining me today. Please feel free to leave any questions you have about beginner chipboard alteration projects and we 
/DT from Scrap FX/ will answer them in future posts!


  1. You know I love this, Bellaidea- just adorable, beautiful, so many unique elements- nice work :)

  2. So stunning, love all the embellishments :)

  3. VERY pretty page this one is! Love that chippie piece too!!


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