Thursday, April 23, 2015


I have a surprise for you, more colors by 13 arts on my project :)

I saw this cool wall of the building during my trip to LA on a day when I had a dress with similar colors so next step was to match them with mists :)

I always admire flowers from 13 arts, a specially because I have to patient creating  them and they look so beautiful and handmade like .

If you wander what is this cool silver product from this photo - click on 

  Mika naturalna w płatkach SILVER 

MAGIC! Powder  

Tusz akrylowy SPLASH! Pink

  Mika naturalna w płatkach SILVER 

 Medium żelowe- Gel medium MATT

Mgiełka pastelowa - Pastel Lavender

Gesso - grunt akrylowy 120ml

  Mgiełka kredowa - Chalk Fuchsia

Kwiaty Gardenii

Róże średnie białe

Zestaw papierów "Starlight"


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  1. good catch on the photo opt. Nice photo!!! great complementary layout


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