Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why I need to spend some time there without creating ...

Moxie Fab World has a party today, well, I should show you my desk.
The problem is I don't have one.
I always work in my second kitchen / I don't cook there, it's just for scrapbooking and I love to have a sink there since I use gesso, stencils etc all the time.
I had a look today and...there is no way I can show you this place right now but I am going to sort my products this weekend since I had couple new DT parcels and need to move things around.

This is my place where I work on a  project of the day.
Here I keep all my papers, well, almost all...

I keep many of my mists in one place, with so many new colors I have to work on a new configuration.

More space for several projects /I  always work on several at the same time/ and many photos.


  1. nice-looks like you have a ton of storage! I have a worktable and a desk,. and still run out of space (but my sewing machine is on the desk too) Having a sink would be fantastic-I'm always running down the hall with gooey stencils etc!

  2. Ooooh lucky you having such a beautiful space! And that looks like a fridge there too for cooldrinks. Even better!!

  3. Wow I love your space.So muuch storage cupboards& bench the photo board x

  4. Your space is amazing!!! I'm so jealous! ;)

  5. Very nice, spacious and organized!! TFS!


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