Thursday, February 6, 2014

1000 steps from home

I had a chance to play one time in the new Scrap Challenge, Supreme Scrap Tournament 2014

Scrapbooking: 1000 steps from home

Scrapbooking: 1000 steps from home

"Make a double layout or double mixed media project that shows where your live.
But it all has to be within 1000 steps from your home!!!!

For example you could make photos of your favorite tree, busstop, house as long it is within 1000

 steps of your home!

- You can not use any spray inkts!

- You will have to use at least 3 photos on your project (scrapbooking and mixed media!!)

- You will have to add a visible journaling of at least 50 words"

Well, looks like I followed all rules. The most difficut one ? 
No "spray" :).
I went for a very short walk last weekend . We have a special place near our house where we like to take photos. What a lovely place! Grass , trees, little rill, every now and again bunnies having fun  but now everything is covered in the snow....for a long time.  
No, I am not a resident of Narnia but I do feel this way.
No wonder I am longing for colors..

I was working with papers and paints from 13 arts . I thought "cold wall" will be just great for a Winter page. But after weeks and weeks with snow I was missing colors ..
On my right page I used blue and greens.
On the left - shades of pink.
All lovely chipboards from Wycinanka!

I hope you will like my project because I would love to play some more :). I saw so many beautiful projects!
I wish everybody good luck !
Have fun and let's wait together for a new challenge!


  1. This is very vivid!!! and it shows you gave a lot of work!! ps. the cat is super cute :-) good luck at the tournament!

  2. So cool! I love how you have different accents on each page - a side for pink & a side for blue!! And of course kitty is very interested LOL!!


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