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Happy Valentines Day! Berry 71 Bleu Blog Hop with great...

Happy Valentines Day!  
Did you come from Anupama's blog? Good!:)
Today is a day all about love . . .   
Each of our designers is going to share with you something or someplace they love where they live.  This should be interesting since we have ladies from the USA, Poland, India and Puerto Rico. 

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Talking about places we love..
I have so many of those...I lived there or just visited .
This time I want to show you couple of them;
First it`s all about A.
A for Africa
I love driving in the bush, seeing animals, playing golf and relaxing with my friends.

Again A like... Australia. I like nice people, beautiful places and ...cute animals.

Another place I will to go back is Singapore. There is so much more to discover and I have some friends there too:)

I also love this place in Poland; few people ,  horses and always good books to read.

Then after quiet time in the forest I need to have good time in the city, love old buildings so much!

Time to admit - I love Summer! Sometimes I have to go to places where Summer rules!

One more place,Italy,  I went there many times and still dream about another visit.

My secret word - "is"
Next blog - Debbie

Have fun and have a great weekend soon!
By the way, I would lobe if you will leave me a comment telling me also where are you from:)  or what place you have visited you love the most?


  1. I am from the United States! I have not traveled many places! You have seen so many beautiful places! In the United States, my favorite place to travel to is Great Smokey Mountains! It has such beautiful views and interesting places!

  2. lovely pictures, I am a follower
    hugs pia

  3. What an exciting life you live- I wish I could travel the world that much. I Live in Illinois and would love to travel and visit all of the 50 states in my lifetime- but seeing all the natural wonders are most exciting to me- I yet to see the Grand Canyon and Niagara falls. I am now a follower Happy Valentines Day!

  4. Beautiful places...I would love to visit some of them!

  5. wow thanks made me explore too amny place at one visit . lovely detailing .

  6. hey i am your new follower ,forgot to tell you previously .nice hoping and meeting .

  7. Wauw beautiful pictures! Nice to see new things about another country! I am now a follower. Happy Valentines Day! ~Else-Marie

  8. Beautiful photos Agne!!! Thanks for the trip!!! Take care! xo

  9. Hello my dear, I was born in Romania but have lived in Canada for my entire adult life, and for a while I lived in Seattle which I absolutely adored. From the places I traveled to... loved Rhodes and Patmos, love Istanbul and Barbados, Quebec city... I would move back to the west coast anyway, Seattle or Portland both! Oh, and I just love NYC - can't wait to go back. The energy in that city is contagious.

  10. Woww,that beautiful places, I loved the photos and your work is always so beautiful!hugs from Brazil

  11. Hi Happy Valentines Day. wow I love all your photos you really have been to some amazing places. My favs include anywhere that is warm and sunny as I am in the UK and it is hardly ever warm! Australia is my number 1 choice. I used to live there and miss it badly.
    (Am a follower). BFN

  12. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

  13. Wow, you have some beautiful photographs of places you have visited - love the Koala, of course being an Aussie myself. You would love Adelaide (city in South Australia) it is full of beautiful old buildings and is called 'the city of churches'. Loved the photograph of the monkey's!!

  14. I feel like I just went on a vacation! Your photos are sooo lovely! Thank you for sharing.

  15. You are so very well traveled! I am from the US but my mother is a naturalized citizen from Trinidad and Tobago. I have not had the fortune to be able to travel outside the US but I have seen most of my country (and it is a big country with very varied climates and landscape). It helped that my father was in the military. I was lucky to be born in Hawaii, I would say the Hawaii I remember as a child would be my favorite place although it is no longer the same. I love history and the original 13 colonies here are probably the places with the deepest history. I live in one of those colonies and the place in my state that I enjoy the most is Savannah on the coast. The cemeteries hold a great deal of fascination for me. I would love to visit your country! I have heard it is lovely and of course full of history.

  16. Hi Bellaidea...I'm from Australia...I follow you...I LOVE how you've made up this post & we feature! I'd LOVE to go back to Italy, too. It's my dream place. I'd ADORE to live there for 6 months & visit all the countries that join it!!! Aaah...dreams:):):)!!!!!!!!!

  17. You have literally been around the world! Lucky you! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos of all the places you've visited! :)

  18. Hi Bellaidea, I live in The Netherlands....I really love being Dutch....but my relatives from my moms side are all living in Sarasota Florida and I miss them a lot! I love to visit Spain and Greece and I really would LOVE to visit Australia once in my lifetime! Your pictures are amazing love to see where you life.....hugs Amy :) (a lot of loves for me *grin*)


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