Thursday, July 19, 2012

Achievement DT LO for Inkido and info about our Challenge

Good Morning!

I`m not an early bird but I love to visit   the beach early mornings when it`s still not too  many people there and not too hot.
This Summer I had a chance to spend there many mornings.
Lucky me, I also had a model with me so I can scrap my fav projects, 30X30 :).
I like this mix of Papercraft Scandinavia, I`m lucky to have still some more:).
Leave a comment below, tell me what do YOU like create the most and you will have a chance to winn some papers specially from me and...Inkido:).
Let me know if you follow my blog, do you visit sometimes  or just find me for a first time?
Have a great day and remember, you still can participate in OUR CHALLENGE and winn some beautiful stuff from Papercraft Scandinavia and this pretty thing on your blog;


  1. I am a follower,B, & often pop by to see what you're up to, cos I LOVE your warm, shabby chic style. If you pushed me, I'd have to choose 30 x 30 lay outs for my albums, but I really like card making too & also some OTP...that about covers it all, doesn't it???!!!!!!! Love the colours you've used here & that bg work:):):)

  2. That's a beautiful layout with the different textures and calming colors. I follow your blog via email. When I find the time, I love to make scrapbooking layouts. I am not as adventurous as you are, however! Perhaps someday... :)

  3. Very pretty! Your favourite colour!!

  4. soo pretty :) nice colour.


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