Tuesday, May 20, 2014


So many photos, so little time :)
After last weekend I have almost 300 new photos and at least 30 The Best so when will I use my fav photos from last trip?...
I hope with a little help from 7 Gypsies to make several pages with Maritime and  Serengeti while waiting for couple new collections - you can see them all HERE.
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Every so often, our travels through land give us a hankering for the aqua…Traveling gypsies we may be, but we long to be lost at sea. The desire for seafaring adventure inspired us to create a collection that captures a vintage spirit of oceanic travel. Our kindred clan of gypsies created an ensemble of beautiful products with art capturing the rolling tides of the sea, oceanic maps of days gone by, the mysteries of the aquatic and a unique collection of vintage ephemera all with nautical inspiration. This collection is all you need to bring your seafaring projects to life whether they be on shore, boardwalk, sea, vessel, beach or backyard–the perfect ensemble to anchor down your memories. 

You can find out more about Maritime HERE

Chipboard from Wycinanka.

Thank you for looking!

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  1. Чудесная страничка!!!! Красивое фото и такое красивое воплощение морской темы!!! Браво!!!!!!!!!


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