Tuesday, November 5, 2013

ALWAYS BELIVE IN YOURSELF with 13 arts and Wycinanka

Today I have another simple Mixed Media page for 13 arts.
I know some girls  think it's a complicated thing to know how to use gesso and paint.
I had a class last weekend and I told my students; Try and  make mistakes, maybe you will even like them..

I like to add chipboards from Wycinanka to every single project but this time my bike is naked :)


  1. this is such a lovely page, full of spring feeling to it! my goodness, Miss A is just getting more stunning by every photo I see of her! I remember how I shied from using mists, they ended up in the most unexpected places and I was simply scared of its unpredictability. You're so right, just go ahead and see if mistakes turn out better than what was planned! xoxo

  2. Absolutely stunning, I love how you have created your back ground... and such a pretty photo too!


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