Monday, October 28, 2013

"OCTOBER" with Bo Bunny

It's another Monday after nice weekend.
Almost end of October, I can not belive it.
I have a Bo Bunny  project for today, I made it some time ago when I've got my DT parcel. I just could not stop creating with Bo Bunny papers :).

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned paper: The Avenues Antique, The Avenues Trellis, /The Avenues ;
Fright Delight Ghouls, Fright Delight Eek, Fright Delight Dingbat / Fright Delight

Stickers: The Avenues Combo Stickers, The Avenues Dimentional Stickers /The Avenues

Noteworthy:The Avenues

Jewels: Fright Delight Jewels

Trinkets: The Avenues

Chipboard: The Avenues 12x12 Chipboard

Blossoms: Clover Pansy/ Autumn Song

Doilies :4 small
Jewel fluorishes: Licorice Jewels 

I mixed my favotite colection , The Avenues with Fright Delight

I have several step by step photos and I have already a post with it, it's just too many photos for one day :).
Have a good weekend and please visit me tomorrow...and the very  next day too :)


  1. It's wonderful the way you can get a completely different look to the page by mixing the two collections! Gorgeous page hon, and beautiful photo as well! xo xo

  2. Your layout is just so beautiful. I love how you combined the two collections. It's so striking!

  3. Gorgeous layout, love how you mixed the 2 collections! Tx

  4. Such a beautiful photo & stunning layout!


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