Friday, January 18, 2013

Who is the lucky girl?

I was so busy making new projects for CHA, all DT`s and...with normal life:) it`s only today I have a Winner of my last  Giveaway!
I hope the lucky girl will feel lucky and will have fun with all papers, stamps, flowers etc.
I will add something extra just to say I'm sorry I was late.
Thank you so much for all the fun.
I don`t know when will I have next Candy /should I make is soon?/ but please remember to send me links to your posts, I try to visit everybody, I saw lot's of nice projects on your blogs!
Ups, almost forgot:).
Debbie, please send me your postal info, I would like to send you a box with Giveaway!!!


  1. So excited!!!!! I'm off to send you an email!

  2. Oh wow you lucky lady...Debbie have a lot of fun with your gooddies......Thank you so much for your AMAZING giveaway Bella.
    .xox Amy


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