Monday, November 26, 2012

My lucky 13

I know it`s to early to choose your fav`s of this year. I know I`m still going to finish more then 20 projects in 2012 so this time I just want to focus on what I liked to do so far.
Looks like blue and pink are my fav colors. I like to work with just 2 colors on my projects or...go crazy like I did with one of my canvas below /easy to find:)/.
I like to add some paints, mists and gesso, I like fussy cutting and lace, color, sepia and black and white photos, I like to distress photos and shabby/romantic/mixed media look.
I love my chipboards, stencils and mask. I started to scrap some old vintage family  photos and I will definitly continue it in 2013. I aslo plan to make more pages with my boy, I made many pages with photos of my two children together and I liked it a lot.Need to make more pages about places I went to like Australia, Singapore,Italy, South Africa.
I`m very happy I will continue designing for several companys in 2013 and I`m looking forward to new oportunities.
My English will /maybe/ get better, maybe not, it`s my 5th but I`m ok with it and I hope YOU are 
too :)


  1. Oj szczęśliwa i to jak:) pięknie to mało powiedziane! och i ach!!!!! Uwielbiam Twoje prace!!!! Buziaki!

  2. You rock the color BLUE like no one else!


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