Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Invitation from Nathalie! Summit 2012

If you know about it I`m sure you will sign up!
1. Throughout January we will share videos, audio or pictures to inspire you.
2. You sign up for a newsletter HERE and, in January 2012, you will receive a link and the password to unlock the view of the daily materials as soon as they go live.
3. You watch the presentations and you will be hopefully inspired to be more creative—all for FREE!
I did!
Happy Holiday Season! 
Thank you all so much for subscribing to our Creative Jump Start Summit 2012. We are truly humbled that our Jump Start generated such a huge interest.

We are all totally excited about the Creative Jump Starts and I can tell you that the videos, tutorials, pictures and write-ups I received from each one of the Jump Starters are AMAZING. It makes me feel so happy and I just know that you all will love them too!

In less then two weeks you will receive the first Jump Starts!
Until then we all want to wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Huge hugs from Nat Kalbach & The Jump Starters: Anna Björklund, Anna Dabrowksa, Birgit Koopsen, Catherine Scanlon, Celine Navarro, Dina Wakely, Donna Downey, Emeline Seet, Emma Trout, Heidi Swapp, Jamie Dougherty, Jen Cushman, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Karen Grunberg, Loredana Bucaria, Louise Nelson, Revlie Schuit, Rhonna Farrer, Ronda Palazzari. Sharon Laakkonen

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  1. U already know you are a sweetheart, don't you. LOL ! :) So sorry, my challenge is open to singapore scrappers only... forgot to include that in my post. Blur me ! :)


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