Tuesday, March 18, 2014

LOVE BALTIC, a mini album Modern Miss with Bo Bunny

I made a new album with Bo Bunny!

We love to travel as a family, we have several destination we love

 /it's sunny, warm and beautiful there :) / but one of the places we

 try to visit every year it's a little town by the Baltic Sea


I went there for the very first time with my children when thay

 were really small in 2004 and it's a pleasure to see thay like the

 place the same way I did when I was a little girl.

I used a lovely album from Modern Miss collection. I am sure it's

 a great idea to use it not only for girly  stuff. Colors of this

 collection are great for a Marine album or for Tommy Hilfiger

 lovers too.

I developed  several photos in colors of the collection and some in

 black and white.
The most difficut part for me it's to keep pages of the album flat so

 I did not used much of the flowers or even chipboards but I 

 added some stencil work to add a personal touch and stickes and

 elements from Noteworthy.

Bo Bunny Supplies:

Patterned Paper: Modern Miss,  Authentic, Dramatic/ Moderm Miss

Stckers: Modern Miss Combo Sticker, Modern Miss Sticker

Noteworthy: Modern Miss

Buttons: Modern Miss

Chipboard: Modern Miss 12x12 Chipboard, Modern Miss Layered Chipboards

Stamps: Stained Textures

Mini album: Modern Miss

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